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Teeth Megalodon

Carcharodon megalodon was a huge shark growing up to 60 feet in length. It swam the oceans of the world in the Early Miocene to the Late Pliocene, some 23m to 2.6m years ago, and was one of the most fearsome predators the oceans have ever witnessed.

Small teeth are 0.5" in height, and the largest up to 7" in height.

Normally the larger the tooth the higher the price, assuming it is in good condition.

Some teeth can fetch up to £5000.


Highly valued is the size of the tooth, the quality of the serrations, the quality of the enamel, the preservation of the root, and the rarity of the colour.


We are sure you will find something of interest amongst the quality Megalodon teeth we have on offer in this section.


Megalodon Tooth 46

Megalodon Tooth 46

Excellent Megalodon tooth natural with good enamel
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Large crinoid plate
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