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Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
Huge Saharan Crinoid Plate

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
Incredible detail of this wonderful fossil

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
A truly amazing display fossil

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
Close up of the crinoid stems

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
Detail of Syphocrinus elegans

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly
Stunning, large crinoid plate

Scyphocrinites Sea Lilly

Product description

A huge, and highly unusual specimen of the sea lilly, Scyphocrinus elegans, from the Silurian Period, 400 million years old.

These creatures were found in the Moroccan crinoid beds of North Africa.

Crinoids have graced the oceans for more than 500 million years, and are part of a large group of marine invertebrates known as Echinoderms.
They are commonly called Sea Lillies because they resemble plants more than animals.

They survived by filtering plankton from the sea water.
A wonderful addition to a collection, or an amazing piece for display in the home.

This is a very large example of these marine creatures.
Size:    72cms x 42cms







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