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3D Ray finned fish Pachyrhizodus minimus
Beautiful 3D fossil fish

3D Ray finned fish Pachyrhizodus minimus
Incredible detail of scales, and fins

3D Ray finned fish Pachyrhizodus minimus
Superb dentition

3D Ray finned fish Pachyrhizodus minimus

Product description

Age: Late Cretaceous (100m to 65m years old)

Fossil site: Britton Farm, Coppell, Texas, USA

Description: The smallest of this species of ray finned fish, it was still a voracious predator of the late cretaceous western Sea. Pachyrhizodus minimus grew no larger than 3 feet and can be preserved as a complete fish, in some cases with internal organs and scales.

This fossil is most unusual in that it is preserved in 3D and has a very distinctive colouration. It is mounted exactly as found during a field trip in May 2006.
This is a rare fish, and a good investment opportunity.
It looks incredible thanks to its 3D preservation and is very collectable.
Great for display in the home or office
This is one you must own!

Fossil:8cm x 58cm
Frame:27.5cm x 75cm







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