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Teeth Dinosaur
A Carcharodontosaurus tooth
Tooth with excellent serrations

A Carcharodontosaurus tooth
African T Rex tooth

A Carcharodontosaurus tooth
Artists impression of Carcharodontosaurus

A Carcharodontosaurus tooth

Product description

A really nice tooth, with good serrations, from the so called "African T Rex", Carcharodontosaurus iguensis, which lived 98m to 93m years ago during the Cretaceous Period. It was one of the largest carniverous Dinosaurs ever to exist, and was a fearsome predator, weighing over 6 tons, and growing to a length of over 40 feet.
Carcharodontosaurus means "Fish Lizard", named after the extinct shark Carcharodon. It had huge jaws, with rows of serrated teeth up to 8 inches in length.
This tooth was discovered in the Moroccan Sahara of North Africa.
This tooth is in good condition, with excellent serrations.
Very collectable, and a fantastic gift for the Dinosaur enthusiast.
Size:    4 cms long 





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