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Aegar Shrimp 3
Aegar Shrimp Solnhofen

Aegar Shrimp 3
Superb preservation of the shrimp

Aegar Shrimp 3
Even the fimbria are visible on the swimming legs

Aegar Shrimp 3
Fantastic view of body and legs

Aegar Shrimp 3
A Jurassic ammonite is also clearly visible

Aegar Shrimp 3

Product description

A beautifully preserved Aegar spinipes Shrimp, from Eichstatt, Solnhofen Limestone deposits, Germany

It dates from the Late Jurassic, 199m to 145m years ago.
It is complete, and exquisitely prepared on the original limestone matrix.

Everything is wonderfully preserved including the antennae, and even the delicate hairs (Fimbria) on the swimming legs.

The Solnhofen Limestone Lagerstatte, is one of the most famous fossil sites in the world. Renowned for the incredibly delicate preservation.
Arguably, the most famous fossil of all was discovered here, Archaeopterix.
The quarry originally produced Lithographic Limestone.

During the Jurassic Period, the area was an archipelago, at the edge of the Tethys Sea.
Creatures that died were covered in a soft carbonate mud, preserving so many delicate structures.reservation.

This is an amazing specimen, and should not be missed.

Plate Size:  22cms x13cms





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