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Coral Fossils
Agatised Coral 2
Beautiful Agatised Coral

Agatised Coral 2
Honey coloured Agate

Agatised Coral 2
White Calcite internally

Agatised Coral 2

Product description

A wonderful agatised Montastrea Coral, Oligocene to Miocene Periods, 38m to 25m years old.

The fossil was discovered in the Hawthorne Group, Madison County, Florida.

The agate is a beautiful honey colour, and internally, the coral displays white, Botryoidal calcite.

They are found in ancient sea beds, where silica rich groundwater has percolated through them.
Their calcium carbonate skeleton has been replaced by Chalcedony.

It is Foridas State stone.

Not only is this a highly unusual Coral fossil, but it is also a fantastic display piece.

Size:  16.5cms x 11.5cms 





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