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Ammolite Ammonite Partial 3
Beautiful, irridescent Ammolite

Ammolite Ammonite Partial 3
Superb, quality Ammolite

Ammolite Ammonite Partial 3
Centre of Ammolite Ammonite still visible

Ammolite Ammonite Partial 3
Complete Ammolite Ammonite

Ammolite Ammonite Partial 3

Product description

Ammolite Ammonites originate in the Bearpaw Formation, in Alberta, Canada. The Ammonites are Placenticeras meeki, and date from the Cretaceous Period, 71 million years old.

Ammolite is used in the production of jewellery, and is well known for its properties in "Feng Shui".

Large Ammolite Ammonites can fetch in excess of $100,000.

The wonderful irridescent colours are produced by huge pressure at the time of fossilisation.

Wonderful for display.

Size:  15cms x 11.5cms





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