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Ammolite ammonite
Terrific Ammolite Ammonite

Ammolite ammonite
Highly polished surface

Ammolite ammonite
Beautiful irridescent colours

Ammolite ammonite

Product description

A highly desirable Ammolite Ammonite from Bearpaw, Alberta, Canada, discovered in the summer of 2000.

The actual ammonite is Placenticeras meeki, dating from the Cretaceous, 71 million years old.

Ammolite is used in the production of jewellery, and large specimens of ammolite ammonites can bring in excess of £30,000.
The colours are produced by huge pressure at the time of fossilisation, and they are found in a very small area of Canada, the Bearpaw Formation.
The iridescent colours can be seen on the edge of this ammonite.
A magnificent display ammonite from a very famous location.

Not to be missed by the ammonite collector.
The specimen comes not only with our guarantee of authenticity, but also the certificate warranted by the Canadian government.

Size:       12cms diameter    (4.7" diameter)
Weight:   0.5 Kg    (1.0 lb)

Comparative currencies:       US$ 230       EUR 175       Yen 18800






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