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Ammonite Group
Ammonite group with six different species

Ammonite Group
Liparoceras, Stephanoceras, Harpoceras

Ammonite Group
Witchellia, Liparoceras

Ammonite Group

Product description

This incredible group of ammonites are Middle Jurassic, 172m to 168m years old, and were discovered in the Bajocian Sediments, Central High Atlas Mountains, Morocco.
It is highly unusual to find such a diverse group of ammonites in the same matrix.
The species are left to right, from the large ammonite at the top of the group;

Stephanoceras  (Large ammonite, top)
Witchellia sayni
Sonninia papillata
This represents 6 different species of ammonite.

All seven ammonites are in incredible condition, and well inflated. They stand out in relief from the pale matrix in which they have been preserved.
This is a highly desirable piece either for the serious collector, or as a natural work of art for display in the home.
As always, we can mount this piece for display if requested.
Highly recommended.
Size:        40cms x 26cms x 30cms tall

Weight:   6.5 Kg    (14 lbs)





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