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Ammonite & Shell, Nodule
Jurassic mud nodule with Pyritised Ammonites & shells

Ammonite & Shell, Nodule
Pyritised Ammonites

Ammonite & Shell, Nodule
Gastropod Shells, including Turitella

Ammonite & Shell, Nodule

Product description

Another unique piece to come our way, which we have never seen before.

This one of a kind natural artwork, is a nodule containing a large number of Pyritised Ammonites, along with a huge variety of gastropod shaells, including Turitella.

They date from the Jurassic, 206m to 144m years ago, and were discovered in the Seratov Region, Volga River, Russia.
It appears as if a ball of mud was washed along collecting these creatures as it went.
This is a unique one off piece, fantastic for display, and a must have for a collector
We consider this never to be repeated

It can be mounted by ourselves if requested.


SIZE:    12cms x 10cms








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