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Ancyloceras ammonite
Large heteromorph ammonite

Ancyloceras ammonite
Decorative display piece

Ancyloceras ammonite
Ancyloceras ammonite

Ancyloceras ammonite

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An Ancyloceras heteromorph ammonite, discovered in Agadir, Morocco.
It dates from the Lower Cretaceous, Barremian, and is 117m to 113m years old.

Whilst most ammonites are enrolled (homomorph), a major group of ammonites emerged during the late Jurassic that had uncoiled shells, and these are known as heteromorph ammonites.

Their uncoiled shells would have made swimming quite difficult and they are likely to have wobbled their way through the water, grabbing whatever prey came within reach.

A beautiful, decorative piece for the home or office.

Size:  50cms long x 25cms tall.





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