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Araripichthys Fish
RARE, and beautiful Araripichthys Fish

Araripichthys Fish
Incredible detail and preservation

Araripichthys Fish
Wonderful preservation of the scales

Araripichthys Fish
Close up of head

Araripichthys Fish
Tail fin

Araripichthys Fish

Product description

On offer is a VERY RARE Araripichthys fish, discovered in the famous Santana Formation, Brazil.

It dates from the Lower Cretaceous Period, 110 million years old.

Araripichthys was first described in 1985, very recently, on the basis of a few complete fossils that were discovered.
It is an ultra rare fish, even in the Santana Formation, which has so many beautifully preserved fish fossils.

They grew to a maximum length of 35 cms, and, while they swam in the Cretaceous Ocean, the Dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

The Santana Formation is to be found in North East Brazil, in the Araripe Basin. The strata were laid down during the early Cretaceous Period.
The location produces exceptionally well preserved and diverse fauna & Flora. Over 25 species of fish are known, along with pterosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants. Many soft parts were preserved during fossilisation. 
In the future it will become much more difficult to offer these spectacular fossils, as there are moves afoot to make the formation, and its fossil record, a protected area.

The fish is 100% original, with no restoration, and is, of course, an appreciating investment fossil.

It is a very important addition to a collection.

Please don't miss this opportunity.

Size:  33 cms long








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