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Archeogeryon Crab 2
Superb Archeogeryon Crab

Archeogeryon Crab 2
A rare Argentinian Crab

Archeogeryon Crab 2
Striking pose on the original matrix

Archeogeryon Crab 2
Super claw preservation

Archeogeryon Crab 2

Product description

On offer is an outstanding, and extremely rare, Archeogeryon patagonius crab discovered in El Calafate, Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia.

It dates from the Miocene Period, 15 million years old.

The crab has superb preservation throughout, is incredibly detailed, and has wonderful definition of the claws.

The stable fossil and matrix exhibit good geometry with the fossil in a lifelike pose on the matrix.

This crab was part of an old collection we purchased in 2005.

The area in which this crab was discovered is now a Private National Reserve, and it is forbidden to take fossils from the area.
The Felix de Azara Natural History Foundation has declared the "Estancia 25 de mayo" as a place that is geologically and paleontologically unique in Argentina.
It has one of the largest fossilised crab deposits, a reef formed by fossilised oysters, and other fossil formations containing mammal remains.

It is for this reason that the crab is RARE.
With no more collecting allowed, only crabs from old collections can be available for sale.

This is a really excellent fossil, in wonderful condition, and a must have addition to a collection.

Size:  12 cms x 8 cms





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