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Baculite double
Stunningly beautiful pair of Baculites

Baculite double
Nacre imprint of third Baculite

Baculite double
Artists reconstruction of a pair of Baculites

Baculite double

Product description

An absolutely stunning pair of Baculites gregoryensis, from the Cretaceous, 144m to 65m years old. They were discovered in the Pierre Shale, South Dakota, USA.

The piece was prepared in Germany.

Baculites, also known as "Walking Stick Rock", are a genus of extinct cephalopod animals, and are basically an almost straight shelled heteromorph (uncurled) ammonite.

They lived throughout the oceans of the world in the Late Cretaceous, during the time of the Dinosaurs.

They are thought to have been orientated with their heads pointing straight down. They could probably swim very well vertically, but it would have been almost impossible to swim horizontally due to their imbalance.
They could grow up to 6 feet in length.
Normally they are only found as small pieces, as they tend to break up due to the fragility of their shells.
This pair of Baculites are large, and still covered in nacre. On the shale is a nacre imprint of a third Baculite.

These are the best to come into our possession
Highly recommended either for a collector, or for display in the home.
We can mount the piece if requested for better display.








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