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Collection of Basilosaurus bones

View of tail vertebrae

Vertebral spikes

Large vertebra

Other bones

Rib section


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An important find of several bones belonging to an ancient whale, Basilosaurus, discovered in Dachia, Sahara Desert, Morocco.

The majority of bones and teeth from this creature have been discovered in Egypt.

They date from the Eocene Period, 56 to 34 million years old.

Their name in Latin means "Tooth Lizard", but they were actually mammals.

The bones were found along with several Basilosaurus teeth, but the remaining bones were either deeply buried or scavenged.

Unlike modern whales, Basilosaurus had large, triangular, jagged teeth.
The teeth in front were cone shaped, to catch and hold prey, whilst those in the rear were triangular shaped to more easily grind up their prey.
It is thought they fed on fish, and squid

They had streamlined bodies, enabling them to hunt at speed, and averaged45 to 70 feet in length.
They were formidible predators.

The bones consist of a rib section, tail vertebrae, vertebral spikes, and a large vertebra amongst others.

An unusual find, and a good collection for study, or an excellent addition for a collector.

Size:  from 23cms to 11cms






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