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Belemnites Solnhofen
Superb positive negative Solnhofen Belemnite

Belemnites Solnhofen
Anterior part of Rostrum

Belemnites Solnhofen
Incredible detail

Belemnites Solnhofen
Arrow shape of posterior rostrum

Belemnites Solnhofen
Negative image of Belemnite

Belemnites Solnhofen

Belemnites Solnhofen

Product description

This is a rare positive/negative Belemnite fossil from the world famous Solnhofen Lagerstatte site, in Eichstatt, Germany.

It dates from the Jurassic Period, Plattenkalk Formation, and is 140 million years old.

It is unusual for having an arrow like area at the tip of the rostrum.

It is highly unusual to find  a specimen in this condition, and, in particular, a negative/positive example.
The preservation is superb, and is displayed on two original limestone plates.

The geology of Solnhofen lends itself to superb fossil preservation, and many wonderful fossils have been discovered here.
It is a fine grained limestone, and the most famous find was the early ancestor of birds, Archaeopterix.

This wonderful, quality fossil will make a great addition to a collection

Plate Size:  28cms x 13cms







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