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Black Palm Wood 3
Beautiful Black Palm Wood

Black Palm Wood 3
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Black Palm Wood 3

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A really beautiful, petrified Black Palm Tree slice, Palmoxylon sp, discovered in Texas, USA.

The wood dates from the Oligocene Period, 34 to 23 million years old.

Flowering plants, or angiosperms make their first appearance during the Early Cretaceous Period, 140 million years ago.
Angiosperms are divided into two categories, monocots and dicots.
Grasses and palms are well known examples of monocots.

Palmoxylon is the state stone of Texas, and the state fossil of Louisiana.

Palm trees don't actually produce wood, but they do produce fibrous wood-like stems.
Palm tree trunks consist of individual vascular bundles embedded in a mass of living cells.

In cross section the vascular bundles give a characteristic spotted appearance to the fossil.

An unusual, and desirable piece of petrified wood.

Size:  20cms x 15cms diameter





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