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Caloceras Ammonite
Superb Caloceras irridescent ammonite

Caloceras Ammonite
Beautifully displayed on dark matrix

Caloceras Ammonite
Red, Orange, Green, and yellow hues

Caloceras Ammonite
Prepared in 3D on the matrix

Caloceras Ammonite

Product description

This superb irridescent, Caloceras johnsoni ammonite was discovered in the Jurassic Lower Lias, Planorbis Zone, Watchet, Somerset, UK.
The ammonite is 201m to 145m years old.

It takes hours of preparation to bring out the true colours of this incredible fossil, and this piece displays the typical colours of red, green, orange, and yellow.

Ammonites are an extinct group of marine animals of the subclass Ammonoidea in the class Cephalopoda, phylum Mollusca. They are excellent index fossils, and it is often possible to link the rock layer in which they are found to specific geological time periods.

Ammonites' closest living relative is probably not the modern Nautilus (which they outwardly resemble), but rather the subclass Coleoidea (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish). Their fossil shells usually take the form of planispirals, although there were some helically-spiraled and non-spiraled forms (known as "heteromorphs").

Ammonites were some of the first creatures to inhabit planet Earth, and, as such, are an amazing piece to own and display in the home.
The preservation is exquisite, and this fossil is of museum quality.

It would make an incredible addition to a collection, or an amazing display item.

The fossil site where this was discovered is no longer accessible.

Not to be missed !

Size:  20cms x 16cms







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