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Teeth Reptile
Captorhinus jaw
Beautifully preserved jaw with teeth

Captorhinus jaw
Perfect dentition

Captorhinus jaw
Artists impression of Captorhinus

Captorhinus jaw

Product description

This rare and unusual jawbone with teeth belongs to Captorhinus aguti, a stem reptile from the Permian, 290m to 245m years old. It was discovered in the Arroyo Formation, Cherokee County, Oklahoma, USA.
Captorhinus is clased as a stem reptile because it is thought to be ancestral to Dinosaurs, modern day reptiles, mammals, and birds.
They were small, with a maximum length of 40 cms, and had slender limbs.
It is thought their diet consisted of insects, snails, and other small reptiles.
This is an important fossil from an ancestor of many modern day creatures.
A wonderfully preserved jaw from this Microsaur.
Size:    2 cms long





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