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Cave Bear Tooth
Tooth intact with roots

Cave Bear Tooth
Enamel in fantastic condition

Cave Bear Tooth
For explanation, you can see the molar in this jawbone example

Cave Bear Tooth

Product description

An outstanding toothth, from the Pleistocene Cave Bear, Ursus spelaeus, 200,000 to 20,000 years old.

The jaw was discovered in a cave, in Romania

The Cave Bears existed in the last Ice Age, and were known to live in caves. Their modern relatives only use caves for hibernation.

The cave bear had a very broad, domed skull, and a stout body. Its skeletal structure was very similar to todays brown bear, and the average weight of a male bear was around 450kg.

Cave Bears of the last Ice Age lacked the two or three pre molars found in the earlier bears, and instead have an elongated last molar. They also had  huge incisors at the front of the lower and upper jaws.

Death during hibernation is thought to have been common, and they seldom lived beyond 20 years old.

This tooth is in outstanding condition, and is the elongated last molar.

Size:  5cms x 3cms





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