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Cenoceras Ammonite
Beautiful, polished Cenoceras sp Ammonite

Cenoceras Ammonite
Close up of shell chambers

Cenoceras Ammonite
Free standing display piece

Cenoceras Ammonite
Close up showing Belemnite underneath

Cenoceras Ammonite

Cenoceras Ammonite

Product description

A beautiful, polished, Cenoceras sp Ammonite, discovered in the Inferior Oolite, Burton Bradstock, Dorset, England.

It dates from the Jurassice Period, 201m to 145m years, and is approximately 167m years old.

This Nautilus has lovely colouration throughout and lies on original matrix.
These Nautilus are becoming more difficult to obtain from this world famous locality.

This fossil has the additional inclusion of a Belemnite partially buried beneath the Cenoceras.

This specimen has been smoothed, and given a high polish, to reveal the amazing detail you see here.
The preparation is superb, and makes for a fantastic free standing display.

Size:  5" x 5"





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