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Cerithium gigantum
Cerithium gigantum with Athleta in matrix

Cerithium gigantum
Close up of base of Cerithium with smaller Athleta

Cerithium gigantum
Perfect termination of point of Cerithium, most rare

Cerithium gigantum

Product description

This is aperfect example of the large Gastropod, Cerithium gigantum, from the inferior oolitic limestone of Normandy, France. It dates from the Eocene, and is 50 million years old.
These are becoming much more difficult to find. We purchased several such fossils some years ago, but have found it increasingly difficult to find more examples of this quality.
Cerithium was a Gastropod of the phylum mollusc, and had along, whorled, turreted shell. It had a horny operculum (flap) to close the opening of its shell.
Also included in the matrix is a smaller mollusc shell Athleta petrosus Conrad.
Altogether a beautiful display piece with two Eocene gastropods in the same matrix.
Normally commanding prices of £500 to £700, this superb Cerithium is a great investment
This piece can be stand mounted if desired.





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