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Cladiosaurus Reptile
Outstanding Cladiosaurus Reptile from Madagascar

Cladiosaurus Reptile
Long neck and head of this reptile

Cladiosaurus Reptile
Skeleton is completes and mostly fully articulated

Cladiosaurus Reptile
Super preservation of the feet

Cladiosaurus Reptile
Slight disarticulation of one of the rear legs and foot

Cladiosaurus Reptile
A top quality Museum fossil

Cladiosaurus Reptile

Product description

Cladiosaurus was one of the first Euryapsid reptiles from the Permian Period. It was discovered in the Sakamena Formation, Madagascar.

The fossil skeleton of this reptile is 225 million years old.

It lived by lake shores or sheltered seas in what is now Madagascar.
Cladiosaurus is presumed to have been partially aquatic, very similar to modern day marine iguanas.

It was a medium sized reptile, growing up to 60 cms long, with a small head, and a long neck & tail.
There was a profusion of small, sharp teeth.

This is a super fossil of this extraordinary reptile.
The end of the tail has been disarticulated, but is present on the matrix, and the head is slightly distorted.
However, this does not detract from this very special fossil.

We have seen similar Cladiosaurus fossils on offer with a price tag of over $25,000.
But, our intention is to sell at a more realistic price.

This is a spectaculer fossil, either for display, or as an addition to a collection.

Matrix Size:  47 cms x 28 cms







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