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Coeloma Crab
Coeloma Crab in nodule

Coeloma Crab
Matrix nodule containg Crab

Coeloma Crab
Exquisitely preserved Coeloma Crab

Coeloma Crab
Interior of upper part of nodule

Coeloma Crab
Rare in this condition

Coeloma Crab

Product description

This is a rare and beautifully preserved example of the Oligocene Crab, Coeloma incarinatum, from the Oligocene Period, Velgefjord, Jutland, Lyby, Denmark.
The fossil is 30 Million Years old.

This is a very rare piece indeed, in this condition.
This is mainly due to the softness of the matrix, which is normally broken during collection, damaging the fossil within when the nodule is split.
In addition. nine out of ten nodules have nothing inside.

You would be hard pressed to find a better example of this superb, museum quality fossil.

The photographs tells it all

Size of nodule: 3" x 2"

Size of Crab:      2.5" x 1.5"





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