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Outstanding Galene Crab

Incredible detail

Superb display piece


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A wonderfully detailed Crab, Galene granulifera, dating from the early Pliocene, 5 million years old.
It was discovered in the Zanclean Cholau Formation, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

These specimens are carefully removed from the very hard rock in which they are preserved.
They are then rebuilt on the same rock formation in which they were found.

The decapods, or ten footed crutaceans, are an order that includes crabs, crayfish, lobsters, prawns, and shrimps.
They have existed since the Permian Period, nearly 300 million years ago.
However, true, recognisable crabs, evolved around the Jurassic Period, some 150 million years ago.

Their general structure has changed little since then, and modern day crabs display the same proportions, and general ornamentation.

The crab shows superb detail and preservation, and is absolutely top notch

Beautiful for display

Size:  matrix  16cms x 15cms
        crab     13cms x 8cms





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