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Cyclobatis Stingray
Wonderfully preserved Stingray

Cyclobatis Stingray
3D effect of preserved cartilage

Cyclobatis Stingray
tail of the Stingray

Cyclobatis Stingray

Product description

Age: Middle cretaceous, Cenomanian stage (97.5 to 91m. years old)

Fossil site: Limestone deposits of Hakel, Hajoula, Lebanon

Description: The fossil is a short tailed ray.

Cartilage does not preserve as well as bone, so the preservation here is excellent.

In life the environment of this creature was a warm shallow sea. The deposits where these fossils are found are only a few hundred meters across and are indicative of slow deposition during a stagnant stage. The fossils are found at depths up to 800metres.

The current unrest in the area make it more difficult to obtain these fossils.
This is a rare stingray from Lebanon.

The preservation is excellent, and it is a beautiful piece of natural art for home or office.

Fossil:               36cms long
Frame:              53cms x 33cms
Weight:            6 kg







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