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Diplomystus dentatus 11
Outstanding, large Diplomystus fossil

Diplomystus dentatus 11
Incredible body detail

Diplomystus dentatus 11
Close up of head of this exceptional fish

Diplomystus dentatus 11

Product description

Age:           Eocene  (50m yrs old)
Fossil Site:   Green River Formation, Fossil Lake, Wyoming, USA
Description: This wonderful specimen comes from the world famous Laggerstatten Green River. The site produces a large extent of soft tissue preservation and this can be seen here.

Diplomystus is distantly related to modern herrings, and was a surface feeder, as shown by their upturned mouths, and body shape.

They fed on smaller surface dwelling fish.

50 million years ago a lake existed in what is now Wyoming, with a size of around 930 square miles. The unusual chemistry of the lake prevented decay and the scavenging of the dead organisms, while thin layers of alternating limestone and organic matter slowly accumulated.
The resulting limestone beds contain the highest concentration of fossilised fish in the world.

During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate. 
A large, and beautiful piece of natural art for the home or office

Fossil fish:         38cms long

Frame:              84cms x 63cms
Weight:             21kg







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