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Double Fish Plate
Spectacular, framed Mioplosis Fish

Double Fish Plate
Recognisable by their elongated shape

Double Fish Plate
A hunter, predator, normally on Knightia

Double Fish Plate

Product description

Age: Eocene (50m years old)

Fossil site: Green river formation, Wyoming, USA

Description: This fossil plate comes from the world famous Laggerstatten Green river in the USA.
The site produces a large extent of soft tissue preservation as evidenced in these fish.

Mioplosis labrocoides is an ancestor of the Perch, and was a voracious predator. Often they can be found in the fossil record eating other fish.
It is easily identified by its elongated shape and canine-like teeth.

The preservation here is superb, with an impression of scales and the dark bodies are a wonderful counter point to the light matrix.

During the Eocene the region was sub tropical to temperate.
They have been sympathetically framed, and will make a wonderful display in the home or office.

Fossil Fish:       13cms long
Frame:              49cms x 37cms
Weight:            10 kg







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