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Double Hadrosaur Eggs
Superb dark patina of Hadrosaur eggs

Double Hadrosaur Eggs
Close up of egg on left

Double Hadrosaur Eggs
Close up of egg on right

Double Hadrosaur Eggs

Product description

A terrific double egg fossil from the Duckbilled Dinosaur, or Hadrosaur, Edmontosaurus. The eggs date from the Cretaceous, 115m to 95m years ago, and were discovered in Xixia Basin, Hunan Province, China, where many multiple nests have been found.
They were called "Duckbilled" because of the shape of their snout, which greatly resembled the bill of a modern day duck.
Edmontosaurus was a herbivore and travelled in herds alongside its companions.
They ate coarse vegetation which they ground up using teeth within their cheeks.
Hadrosaurs grew to be over 40 feet long, and weighed in at a hefty 5 tons.
This is a wonderful double specimen of the eggs of this huge creature, in great condition.
The shells show some cracks which occured during fossilisation.
They show a terrific dark patina.

A beautiful display piece, and a real talking point for friends and family.
Are there baby Hadrosaurs in the eggs? We don't know!
We can produce a mount for this piece if requested.

Size:               32cms x 17cms
Egg on left:     14cms x 14cms
Egg on right:   15cms x 15cms





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