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Teeth Fish
Enchodus teeth and Vertebra
Matrix containing teeth and vertebra

Enchodus teeth and Vertebra
Rare and unusual specimen

Enchodus teeth and Vertebra
Artists impression of Enchodus

Enchodus teeth and Vertebra

Product description

A terrific example containing both teeth and a vertebra from the predatory fish, Enchodus, dating from the Late Cretaceous, 96m to 65m years ago.
This specimen was discovered in Khourigba, Morocco.
Enchodus was a salmon-like predatory fish, which had a large head, big eyes, and a torpedo shaped body. Its most outstanding feature was the large fangs at the front of the mouth, which could grow up to 6 cms in length, giving it the nickname of "Sabre Tooth Herring".
The teeth were slightly curved and interlocking.
Enchodus led to the evolution of modern day boney fish.
A great piece with a large front tooth, smaller teeth, and a vertebra.
Very unusual fossil of this fish.
Size:    7.5cms x 5cms 







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