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Eryon arctiformis
Eryon arctiformis fossil crustacean

Eryon arctiformis
Fossilised lying on its back

Eryon arctiformis
Wonderful detail of the head and pincers

Eryon arctiformis

Product description

Eryon arctiformis is an extinct genus of decapod crustacean dating from the Late Jurassic, discovered in the famous Eicstatt, Solnhoffen limestone formation, in Germany. It dates from 199m to 145m years ago.
They normally grew to around 10cms (3.9") in length, and would have fed on particulates found on the sea bottom.
This is a beautiful specimen, showing fantastic detail, colour, and preservation.
It has been preserved lying on its back, showing the underneath of the body.
The preservation of its body & pincers is second to none.
A true museum quality fossil, from a very famous location.

A rare and beautiful fossil.

The best we have seen in many years.
Matrix:         11.5cms x 12.5cms
Fossil:           7cms x 5.5cms





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