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Eurypterus 11
Nice quality Eurypterus remipes

Eurypterus 11
Great definition of the flipper

Eurypterus 11
The eyes are visible

Eurypterus 11

Product description

Age: Silurian (400m to 415m. years old)

Fossil site: Fiddlers Green Formation, New York, USA

Description: Eurypterids were the terror of the Silurian Seas. They were bottom dwellers, catching and eating anything that was unlucky enough to come across their path. They grew from around 4" to a massive 6 feet long.

A shallow tropical sea once covered what is now present day New York and this is where these creatures lived and stalked their prey.

Eurypterus has been designated as the New York State fossil.

Good fossils are getting harder to find.

This is a large specimen and shows wonderful detail, including flippers. 
Both paddles are present with one of them laid under the head.

This is a fantastic addition to a collection

Fossil matrix: 14.5 cms x 12 cms





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