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Fountain 2
A beautiful water fountain produced in fossilised stone

Fountain 2

Product description

A beautiful water fountain in fossilised stone.

The fountain is highly polished to display the fossils within the rock.

The fossilised rock is mined in the Moroccan Sahara, near the town of Rissani, from which it derives its name - Stone Rissani.
It is a marblised rock, which is extremely hard and durable, and with a zero capillary coefficient, making it extremely waterproof.
The fossils within the rock are only visible once it is polished.

The fossils date from the Upper Devonian, 360 million years old.
The rock contains fossils of goniatites, ammonites, orthoceras, corals, and, occasionally, trilobites.

The black coloured stone is produced by the presence of iron oxides and carbonates.
However, the rock is also available in a variety of shades of brown.

Because of its extreme hardness, carving a shape from a solid piece of rock is difficult and time consuming.

However, as an interior design statement, nothing comes close.
Not only are the pieces beautiful to look at, but they are also a provocative, and thought provoking item to have in the home

Size:  150cms x 100cms







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