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Gavial Crocodile skull
Gavial Crocodile skull, Morocco

Gavial Crocodile skull
Close up of cranium

Gavial Crocodile skull
Close up of jaws

Gavial Crocodile skull

Product description

A well prepared Gavial crocodile skull, from the Upper Cretaceous, 66 to 73 million years old. Still in its plaster field jacket, it was discovered in Ouled Abdoun Basin, Khourigba, Morocco.
Dyrosaurus phosphaticus was amongst the largest of the crocodilians, growing up to 20 feet in length. It was a super predator, with a long narrow snout designed for fast swimming, and hunting fish.
If you are into reptiles, this is a nice specimen to add to your collection, or a real talking point if installed in the home.
We can mount this on a base if required.
Size:    84cms x 34cms





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