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Hovasaurus boulei

Hovasaurus boulei

Hovasaurus boulei

Hovasaurus boulei

Product description

Hovasaurus boulei was a small aquatic Diapsid reptile, of the order Eosuchia, and dates from the late Permian Period, 260m to 251m years old.
This specimen was discovered in the Middle Sankamena Formation, Sankamena Valley, Madagascar.

It is very rare to find such a complete specimen in perfect condition, displaying a wonderfully preserved skeleton.

These reptiles are known to have a laterally flattened tail, very much like a modern day sea snake, making them extremely agile in the water.

Stones have been found in the abdomens of these creatures, indicating that they swallowed small stones to give them ballast, preventing them from floating to the surface when they were hunting prey underwater.

This Hovasaurus is an amazing example of this very ancient reptile, and is of museum quality.
We have seen other specimens, but the majority are dis-articulated or incomplete.
The only restoration to this piece is at the tip of the tail.

Not to be missed

Size:    matrix  47cms x 15cms

Size:    reptile   46cms long





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