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Huge Parkinsonia Ammonite
Huge Parkinsonia Ammonite

Huge Parkinsonia Ammonite
Close up of chambers

Huge Parkinsonia Ammonite
Artists impression

Huge Parkinsonia Ammonite

Product description

A very large and detailed Parkinsonia Ammonite from the Bajocian Formation,Normandy, Northern France. It dates from the Jurassic, and is 170 million years old.
Ammonites were marine creatures related to modern day Nautiloids, and swam using air for buoyancy in the chambers of their shells.
This is a very dramatic fossil and extremely large for this species.
It will make a fantastic display piece in the home or office, or a wonderful addition to a marine fossil collection.

It can be mounted by us if requested by the purchaser.
Size:         34cms x 30cms   (13 inches x 12 inches)
Weight:     16.6 Kg    (36 lbs)





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