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Hyracodon teeth
Museum quality Hyracodon Teeth

Hyracodon teeth
Superb dentition and colours

Hyracodon teeth
Teeth still in part of jawbone

Hyracodon teeth
Artists impression of Hyracodon

Hyracodon teeth

Product description

You will be hard pressed to find a better Hyracodon tooth fossil than these presented here.

Hyracodon was a lightly built mammal, related to the Rhinoceros, and dates from the Middle Eocene to the Late Oligocene, around 32m to 26m years old.

This pair of teeth were discovered in the White River Group Badlands, South Dakota, USA.

Hyracodons dentition resembled that of later rhinoceroses, but, in appearance, it resembled the primitive horses that were around at the same time.
It was a small fast running creature, with a short, broad snout, and long slender limbs.

It inhabited open countryside, grazing on the grass.

It died out, without leaving any living descendants.

This is a wonderful pair of associated teeth, complete with part of the jawbone.

This is truly a museum quality piece - just look at the wonderful colours.

A superb addition to a collection.

Size:  7cms x 6cms





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