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Iguanodon Adult Footprint
Very large adult Iguanodon footprint

Iguanodon Adult Footprint
The beach at Hanover Point

Iguanodon Adult Footprint
Artists impression of Iguanodon

Iguanodon Adult Footprint

Product description

A very large footprint of an adult Iguanodon.
The track was discovered at Hanover Point, on the Isle of Wight, UK, and dates from the Cretaceous Period, 135m to 125m years old.
Hanover Point provides fossil wood, although normally fragmentary material, Dinosaur footprints, and, though scarcer, dinosaur bones. It is a well known area for collectors. In the Cretaceous this area would have been a floodplain and is one of the most productive areas in Europe for Dinosaur remains. It had a monsoonal climate with long dry summers and flash floods. The floodplain drained to the South, and often preserved channels can be found with logjams and bones.
Iguanodon trackways can be found in this area.
This large track probably belonged to the best described Iguanodon, bemissartensis, which grew up to 30 feet long, weighing in at 4 tons.
Iguanodon was one of the first scientifically well known Dinosaurs, being herbivores, and herding animals.
They had a flat, stiff tail, with three toed hind feet, and four fingers on the front legs. In addition they had a spike on their arms, probably used in defence, and also for foraging.
They had a toothless beak, but numerous cheek teeth to grind up the coarse vegetation on which they lived.
A fantastic piece for a Dinosaur enthusiast.
It can be mounted, if requested by the purchaser.





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