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Iron Pyrite Cluster
Iron Pyrites on Marl

Iron Pyrite Cluster
Super quality cubic crystals

Iron Pyrite Cluster
Also known as Fools Gold

Iron Pyrite Cluster
Beautiful free standing display item

Iron Pyrite Cluster

Product description

Iron Pyrites are also known as "Fools Gold". The term dates from the time of gold prospecting, when novice prospectors thought they had actually discovered gold.

Despite being called Fools Gold, it is sometimes found in association with actual gold.

Basically Iron Pyrites are an iron sulphide, and can be found in many parts of the world.
It is usually associated with other sulphides or oxides.

This cluster was discovered in La Rioja, Spain, and they are on Marl, which is a mudstone.

A wonderful free staning display piece.

Size:  14 cms x 13 cms







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