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Keichousaurus hui 6
Complete Keichousaurus reptile

Keichousaurus hui 6
Superb, on original matrix

Keichousaurus hui 6
Close up of skull and front legs

Keichousaurus hui 6
Wonderful display piece

Keichousaurus hui 6

Product description

A fantastic Keichousaurus reptile discovered in Gizhou Province, China.

It dates from the Triassic Period, and is 245m to 208m years old.

Keichousaurus is thought to have been an aquatic reptile, although it did have sturdy legs, allowing it to crawl on land.
They grew to a maximum length of 12 inches, and had a long neck and tail.

They originated in China, but later migrated to Europe via the Tethys Sea.

This is a wonderful opportunity to own a complete reptile from the Triassic.

It is superbly displayed in great detail, on the original matrix plate

Not to be missed.

Size: Plate approx 12" x 9"





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