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Knightia 11
Super quality Knightia alta

Knightia 11
Great definition

Knightia 11
Close up of Knightia

Knightia 11

Product description

A very good specimen of the fossil fish, Knightia alta, discovered in the Green River Formation, Wyoming, USA.
The fossil dates from the Eocene, and is 50 million years old.
50 million years ago a lake existed in what is now Wyoming, with a size of around 930 square miles. The unusual chemistry of the lake prevented decay and the scavenging of the dead organisms, while thin layers of alternating limestone and organic matter slowly accumulated. The resulting limestone beds contain the highest concentration of fossilised fish in the world.
Knightia alta was less common than Knightia eocana, but were still unfortunate enough to be the prey of most of the other fish that existed at that time.
An excellent display item.
Plate size:   9cms x 7cms
Fish:           7cms long





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