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Flexicalymene Trilobites
Large Flexicalymene Trilobite
Flexicalymene Trilobite, Morocco

Large Flexicalymene Trilobite
Great detail on the fossil

Large Flexicalymene Trilobite
Artists impression of a group of Trilobites

Large Flexicalymene Trilobite

Product description

A large, detailed Flexicalymene Trilobite, dating from the Silurian Period, 420 million years old. It was discovered in the Alnif Region, Errachidia Province, Morocco.
They were marine creatures, and are unique in that the lenses of their eyes were formed from calcite. Trilobites died out completely in the mass extinction at the end of the Permian, some 250 million years ago.

It was a bottom dwelling sea creature, lying in wait for prey in the mud of the sea floor, and is a distant ancestor of the modern Horseshoe Crab.
A great fossil, from the dawn of life on Earth, unusal at this size and quality.
Size:    9cms x 5.5cms






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