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Lebanopristis 1
Spectacular positive and negative images

Lebanopristis 1
Perfect detail of gills

Lebanopristis 1
Highly defined rostrum and teeth

Lebanopristis 1
Even the tail is perfectly articulated

Lebanopristis 1
Lebanopristis hiram Saw Fish

Lebanopristis 1
Close up of fin preservation

Lebanopristis 1

Product description

This spectacular fossil fish displays the positive and negative images of a Lebanopristis hiram Saw Fish Shark, discovered in the Cenomanian Strata, Sannine Limestone, Hajoula, Lebanon.

It dates from the Upper Cretaceous Period, 99m to 93m years old.

Typical of Lebanopristis are the abundant small teeth on the rostrum, which they used to slash and disable their prey.

Lebanopristis are an order of saw sharks, and should not be confused with Sawfish, of the order Pristidae.
Saw sharks have gills on the sides of their bodies, and Saw fish have gills on the underside of their bodies, differentiating the two.

It is rare to find such a large, complete fish, but even rarer to find such a perfect example displayed in both positive and negative images.

Soft tissue preservation is unusual, but can be seen in this specimen, and the vertebrae are clearly visible and articulated.

Their relatives exist today and may be found in South Africa, the Carribean, and Australia.

In life the environment of this creature was a warm shallow sea. The deposits where these fossils are found are only a few hundred meters across and are indicative of slow deposition during a stagnant stage. The fossils are found at depths of up to 800metres.

The current unrest in the area makes it more difficult to obtain such fossils from this locality.

This is an exceptional piece, of museum quality, and an incredibly decorative item for the home or office.

A superb fossil, and certainly an appreciating asset for the future.

Size:   Plate 100cms long.





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