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Fish plates (small)
Leptolepis Fish 1
Nice quality Leptolepis Solnhofen Fish

Leptolepis Fish 1
Great preservation

Leptolepis Fish 1

Product description

An excellent fossil fish Leptolepis sprattiformis, discovered in the Solnhofen Limestone, Eichstatt, Germany. Letolepis lived from the Middle Triassic Period, until the Early Cretaceous, 242m to 112m years ago. This fossil is 120 million years old.

Leptolepis is an axtinct genus of teleost fish, and was the first true bony fish to evolve.

They grew to around 30 cms in length, and closely resembled, though not related to, the modern day Herring.

The Solnhofen Limestone Lagerstatte, is one of the most famous fossil sites in the world. Renowned for the incredibly delicate preservation.
Arguably, the most famous fossil of all was discovered here, Archaeopterix.
The quarry originally produced Lithographic Limestone.

During the Jurassic Period, the area was an archipelago, at the edge of the Tethys Sea.
Creatures that died were covered in a soft carbonate mud, preserving so many delicate structures.

This is a super detailed fish plate.

Plate Size: 16 cms x 12 cms







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