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Leptolepis Fish and Cricket
Super RARE fish with Cricket

Leptolepis Fish and Cricket
The plate includes dendrites

Leptolepis Fish and Cricket

Product description

This is a very rare plate from the Crato Formation, Ceara, Brazil,  displaying a Leptolepis fossil fish and a Cricket.
It dates fom the Lower Cretaceous Period, Late Aptian Cenomanian, and is 108m to 92m years old.

Leptolepis is an axtinct genus of teleost fish, and was the first true bony fish to evolve.

They grew to around 30 cms in length, and closely resembled, though not related to, the modern day Herring.

Crickets have changed little over the past 150 million years, and are as common today as they were then. Finding this on the same plate as a fish however, is very uncommon.

The Santana Formation is to be found in North East Brazil, in the Araripe Basin. The strata were laid down during the early Cretaceous Period.
The location produces exceptionally well preserved and diverse fauna & Flora. Over 25 species of fish are known, along with pterosaurs, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and plants. Many soft parts were preserved during fossilisation. 
In the future it will become much more difficult to offer these spectacular fossils, as there are moves afoot to make the formation, and its fossil record, a protected area
This is a super detailed fish and insect plate.

Not to be missed by the true collector.

Plate Size: 12 cms x 11 cms .





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