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Lion Skull
Superb Cave Lion Skull

Lion Skull
Large skull in great condition

Lion Skull
Quality bone structure

Lion Skull
Intact teeth

Lion Skull
Canine teeth 10 cms long

Lion Skull

Product description

A superb fossil skull of the Cave Lion, Panthera leo spelaea, discovered in Siberia, Russia. The Cave Lion lived during the Pleistocene Period, and the skull is 370,000 to 10,000 years old.

Lions were the most widespread carnivore throughout the late Pleistocene, ranging from Eurasia to Alaska.

The Cave Lion evolved from Panthera leo fossilis, which first appeared in Europe some 700,000 years ago.
It was a large animal standing 1.2 metres at the shoulder, and over 2 metres in length.

It is called a Cave Lion because many remains have been found in caves, but it may well be that it was hunting when it met a female Cave Bear (Ursus  spelaeus) defending her cubs, and thus killing the lion.

They would have hunted the large herbivorous animals of their time, including horses, deer, and bison. Cave bears and reindeer were also an important part of their diet.

Lions are often depicted in Paleolithic cave paintings, and artifacts such as ivory carvings & clay figurines.

This is a wonderful fossil skull

Size Skull:     40 cms long x 20 cms tall.

Size Canine:  10 cms long  





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Large Display case of Teeth
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