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A new species of winged dinosaur was unearthed recently in Southern China by construction workers who were using dynamite on the site.

It could be said that the Dinosaur had a "lucky" escape after so many years of incarceration.

It dates from the Cretaceous Period, 66m to 72m years ago, and was both winged and feathered.

The preservation was exceptional, and it is related to the group of Dinosaurs known as Oviraptors.

It died trapped in mud, with its wings outstretched and head lifted.

It has been named as Tongtianlong limosus, which translates as "Muddy dragon on the road to heaven". Extremely poetic and apt in this case.

There are so many amazing fossils that have and are presently being discovered in China. This is the golden age for the discovery of new dinosaur species

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