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Ammonites split Madagascar
Madagascan ammonite 4
A huge 1.2 metre diam split ammonite

Madagascan ammonite 4
Detailed chamber sutures

Madagascan ammonite 4
Close up of ammonite centre

Madagascan ammonite 4

Product description

An absolutely huge, and beautiful, half Perisphinctes Ammonite from the Tulear Region of Madagascar. It dates from the Mesazoic Era, Upper Jurassic Series, Oxfordian Epoch, and is between 161m to 155m years old.

They were marine creatures related to today's Nautiloids, and swam using air for buoyancy in the chambers of their shells.
Imagine a creature as large as this, bobbing around in the ocean, searching for its next meal.
The complete ammonite has been split, and the half highly polished, to show the beauty of the interior chambers of the creature
The colours vary from fossil to fossil, so each one is unique
A wonderful display item, sold singly, or, we have the other half of this ammonite if you wish to buy the pair (see ammma003).
If you wish to buy the pair a 20% discount is available.

This ammonite is huge, and is absolutely outstanding as an interior decor item.

Ammonites of this size and quality are extremely rare indeed.

Ammonite size:   1.2 metres diameter
                       10cms thick





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