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Complete Woolly Mammoth lower jaw
Sideview of large complete Mammoth Jaw

Complete Woolly Mammoth lower jaw
Woolly Mammoth Jaw with teeth

Complete Woolly Mammoth lower jaw
One of the teeth in situ

Complete Woolly Mammoth lower jaw

Product description

A very rare, complete lower jaw from an adult Woolly Mammoth, with teeth in situ. The jaw has a small repair to the left superior condyle which was damaged during collection, but it is very rare to find a complete specimen in this condition. The colour of the jaw is superb.
They ranged across Europe during the Pleistocene Era, 2.6m years until 10,000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age.
Mammoth teeth have very flat grinding surfaces, and Mammoths would normally have eaten grasses and the leaves of low shrubs. 
50,000 years ago, what is now the North Sea was a vast plain, upon which roamed Woolly Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos, and Cave Bears, amongst other prehistoric creatures.
This is why today fishermen dredge up the remains of these animals from the bottom of the North Sea.
Normally the finds are odd bones, teeth, and partial jaws, but to find a complete jaw is rare.
The Jaw can be mounted for better display in the home or office environment.
A beautiful, and unusual piece, not to be missed.
Size:    50cms x 59cms





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