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Teeth Mammal
Mastodon Molar Tooth Fragment
Partial Mammut americanum tooth

Mastodon Molar Tooth Fragment
American Mastodon Tooth

Mastodon Molar Tooth Fragment
Artists impression of Mammut americanum

Mastodon Molar Tooth Fragment

Product description

A molar tooth fragment from the American Mastodon, Mammut americanum, dating from the Pleistocene, 1.6 million years old. It was discovered in the Ichatucknee River, Florida, USA.
They were much shorter and stouter than the Mammoths, and their teeth are very different in appearance to those of their close relatives the Stegodon, and Mammoth. Their teeth were more suited to a forest environment, where they ate tough vegetation like twigs, leaves, shrubs, and pine cones.
A very good addition to a collection
Size:    6cms x 3.5cms





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